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Semi-Seasoned Hardwood Firewood


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Our semi-seasoned firewood is well on it’s way to being fully seasoned! This firewood is a mix of quality Adirondack hardwoods including maple, birch, ash, cherry, beech, and some oak. You won’t find softwoods that are more prone to produce creosote in this mix. We do not include softwoods such as poplar, bass wood, or pine. So you can rest assured that you will get the best burn from your firewood.

Semi-seasoned firewood is ideal for home heating or burning occasional fires in fireplaces. It’s an excellent way to save money if you have the time to finish the seasoning process yourself. This is done by stacking and covering the wood until the moisture content reaches 20% or below.

We freshly split our semi-seasoned firewood from logs that have been drying for a minimum of six months. To make handling and stacking easy for our customers, we cut firewood to 16 inch length. However, we can easily custom cut semi-seasoned wood anywhere from 12 inches to 22 inches in length.


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  1. C Moynihan

    Excellent quality split firewood, competitively price. Options include green, semi-seasoned and full seasoned firewood. They also cut to size with Fast delivery. Highly recommended !

  2. Robert Iusi (verified owner)

    Great product and great service. Highly recommend Hartman Hill!

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