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NEW! Seasoned Kiln Dried Hardwood Firewood


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Kiln dried firewood is far superior to most firewood. Over the course of a few days, quality, Adirondack hardwoods are dried in a kiln and monitored until the moisture content reaches below 20%. This process ensures that each piece of firewood is consistently dry. Producing consistently dry wood can be more challenging when using more traditional drying methods.

Kiln dried wood lights easily and burns more efficiently than most traditional firewood. Kiln drying kills bugs, mold, and mildew during the drying process. So you won’t have to worry about bringing any of these things into your home. This makes for very clean wood that is easy to store! Kiln dried wood can also be transported beyond 50 miles from our location because it is certified heat treated by the State of New York.

A great way to use kiln dried firewood is to mix this wood with other less dry firewood. It helps start and sustain a fire when mixing in firewood with a higher moisture content.

In addition, if you burn kiln dried wood, you won’t need as much wood. This means less hauling, stacking, and tending to the fire. 

We sell kiln dried firewood by the half face cord, face cord , half cord and full cord. A face cord is one-third of a cord. This is a little less than 43 cubic feet of firewood. The dimensions are 16 inch wood, 4 feet high, by 8 feet long.

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6 reviews for NEW! Seasoned Kiln Dried Hardwood Firewood

  1. Rob Gilchrist

    I’ve dealt with this company for 4 years. Great service great delivery. Extremely pleased. It couldn’t be better.

    • hartmanhill_km4noz

      Thank you for your feedback Rob. We really appreciate your business over the years!

  2. Benjamin Rieff (verified owner)

    Great wood. Great service.

    • hartmanhill_km4noz

      Ben, thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate the repeat business you have given us.

  3. Breanne Simkin

    The wood is fantastic, and service even better! Thank you for always being great to work and so quick with delivery.

    • hartmanhill_km4noz

      Breanne, thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it!

  4. cburns3266 (verified owner)

    Wood is always top quality, delivery is always on time and the owners are the best people. Couldn’t recommend this company enough!

    • hartmanhill_km4noz

      Chris, thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your repeat business and always strive to give the best product on time!

  5. K McDonnell

    The quality of the wood is amazing! Service and delivery were superb! We will highly recommend your company!

    • hartmanhill_km4noz

      Kevin, thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it! Nice to hear that we have another happy customer!

  6. Don Benway

    Excellent firewood and service at an affordable price!

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