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Semi-Seasoned Softwood Firewood


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Our semi-seasoned softwood firewood is a mix of quality Adirondack softwoods including pine, poplar, and bass. If you burn frequent outdoor fires, you will love our semi-seasoned softwood firewood! This firewood is easy to light. It burns fast and very hot. Semi-seasoned softwood is the perfect wood for your backyard fire pit or campsite fire.

You can also use semi-seasoned softwood as an easy way to start your hardwood fires. Because this wood is so easy to light, it makes starting a fire a breeze!

Softwood has a high sap content and forms creosote easily so you may want to use it in outdoor fires or as a fire starter.

For easy stacking and storage, we cut the wood to 16 inches or less, and the split size of the wood is consistent.

Semi-seasoned softwood firewood is available by the cord. Please give us a call for more information!

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