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Seasoned Firewood


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You will love our seasoned firewood! This firewood is a mix of quality Adirondack hardwoods including maple, birch, ash, cherry, oak, and beech. This mix is well-seasoned. It’s easy to light, and it burns very hot and long. We harvest the firewood for this mix from healthy trees grown in local Adirondack wood lots.

Seasoned firewood is ideal for home heating and indoor fireplaces. You won’t find wood species high in creosote in this mix such as poplar, bass, or pine.

What makes our seasoned firewood so good? Most importantly, we routinely monitor the moisture content to make sure that it is below 20%. So you can rest assured that our firewood meets the industry standard for seasoned wood. Burning firewood that is at 20% moisture content or below means that you will get the most out of your wood in terms of heat. Additionally, we cut, split, stack, cover, and store our wood on pallets to ensure that all of the wood is consistently dry. We hand-sort this firewood during the stacking process which ensures that it is clean with little debris.

To make handling and stacking easy for our customers, we cut the wood to 16″ length or less.

You can buy seasoned hardwood by the cord, face cord, crate, or bundles depending on your needs. If you heat your home with firewood, consider buying full cords. For heating your home for shorter periods of time or burning occasional fires, a face cord is perfect! When convenience is a priority, firewood crates are ideal. No stacking is required! We can easily deliver the firewood where ever you would like it, and the crate is movable. When you don’t have a lot of storage space, crates are ideal. Free delivery means that you can order just one crate at a time.

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Cord, Face-Cord, Half-Face-Cord

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Mixed Hardwood, Ash, Cherry, Hickory

2 reviews for Seasoned Firewood

  1. Tim Marker

    Great company to do business with .Very simple to place and receive orders, large or small also professional with attention to detail. I suggest if u need wood products give Hartman hill a call!

  2. Bruce & Betty Bennett

    Last winter our daughter in California ordered a cord of wood for our birthdays. It was promptly delivered and we were very pleased with the quality. We ordered another 3 cords this spring and will continue to get our firewood from this wonderful family. Highly recommended to anyone looking for clean wood and a dependable service.

  3. Michael Perry

    Quality wood !! Quality Service !!
    Thank you Chris and Nicole for streamlining the process.
    From ordering to delivery.
    Nice Loads !!
    You’ve got my business !!


    The service was excellent. There was a slight mistake on our order because we changed the quantity and it was fixed professionally and quickly. It was a pleasure doing business with Nicole. The product (dried wood) was great. Thank you. We will be back!!

  5. Heidi

    Wood was wonderful! We were visiting from out of state and needed wood that was burnable right away. Product was there when we arrived and kept us warm for our week in the mountains. Nicole was a pleasure to deal with. We will be happy return customers when we visit again next year.

  6. Albert E Faller Jr.

    Have ordered firewood from Chris Carlton of Hartman Hill for many years now and have always been pleased with the wood delivered to me. Chris tells you the day and time he will drop it off and he shows up as scheduled sometimes even a few minutes early which works out great. Chris unloads in the exact spot as requested and uses great caution not to damage any of the landscaping when in the yard. Wood has always burned fully needing very little tending while burning!

  7. Dave Mc Cormick (verified owner)

    Great service, friendly , courteous and helpful. Did not try to push product on us. Instead gave us all the options to make the decision that best suited our needs. Delivered on time and brought high quality clean insect free wood. Love this company and the fact that they are a small local business, with great customer service skills. This is just the beginning of a long relationship.

  8. Donald Bossow (verified owner)

    First time ordering from Hartman Hill and I was very pleased with the service and the quality of wood I received. Online ordering was easy and I got a prompt confirmation of the order with delivery date and time. The wood was delivered at the time promised and they were very careful not to damage sprinkler heads or other landscaping when unloading. I ordered a face cord and received a full face cord of good quality, well seasoned mixed hardwood that burns very nicely in the fireplace. I will order from here again.

  9. Douglas Ingraham

    Quality hardwoods that we’re delivered at 15-18% moisture based on my meter. Great wood. I would buy from HH again.

  10. Jeff Duncan (verified owner)

    I now have a new, reliable firewood supplier. I was able to pay online, and they delivered exactly the quantity of fully dry wood that I ordered. Recommended!

  11. Robert C Rueger

    Great product and very nice people. Very professional. Wood was delivered on the day promised. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

  12. David Millard

    Excellent wood, consistently cut, the delivery guys were very accommodating- Hartman Hill will be my supplier from now on!

  13. Stephen Detmer

    Excellent and friendly service over the phone. My delivery was on time as promised and I got helpful advice on wood types and stoves during the drop off. We will order again from Hartman.

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