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Seasoned Cherry Firewood



Seasoned cherry firewood is dry and ready to burn immediately and will produce 20 million BTU’s per cord. Cherry is considered a hardwood. One of the best things about cherry is its great aroma! Not only does it smell great, but the wood itself is beautiful! We harvest our cherry logs from local, Adirondack forests. Cherry wood is not very dense so it dries in a fair length of time compared to denser species such as hickory or oak. You will find that well-seasoned cherry produces a nice, slow burning fire, making it a great firewood choice.

Cherry firewood is very popular among wood burners. It smells amazing and is easy to get a fire started. 

You can make a fire using just cherry or mix it with other firewood. Also, cherry firewood is a great wood to use to cook or smoke food.

We sell cherry firewood by the half face cord or face cord. A face cord is one-third of a cord. This is a little less than 43 cubic feet of firewood. 

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